Protein Evolution

Our process for infinitely
recyclable high-quality plastic.

Our technology unites natural science and artificial intelligence to engineer enzymes that can effectively break down plastic waste and create good-as-new plastic material.

This process will help decarbonize the chemicals industry and allow companies, communities and governments to meet their sustainability goals in the years ahead.

Step 1 Identify the waste.

We choose the type of plastic waste we want to recycle and save from entering the environment – whether that's a water bottle, car tire, or piece of clothing.

Step 2 Engineer enzymes.

Uniting natural science and artificial intelligence, we develop enzymes that break down the waste source so we can recycle it in an economical, sustainable way.

Step 3 Break down the plastic.

When we combine our enzymes with plastic waste, our enzymes break down the waste into its “building blocks” in a low-emission, eco-friendly process.

Step 4 Reproduce materials.

Our customers use these “building blocks” to create good-as-new plastic bottles, textiles, and other infinitely renewable plastic products.

Join the (r)evolution.

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