Protein Evolution

Building a world without plastic waste.

Protein Evolution aims to create a sustainable and circular world - starting with eliminating plastic waste.

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Leading the Bioeconomy Solving today’s biggest climate challenges with nature’s smallest machines.

By combining advancements in natural science with artificial intelligence, our technology breaks down end-of-life textile and plastic waste into the building blocks that make up new textile and plastic products – helping companies, communities and governments meet their sustainability goals, while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

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News & Updates

Protein Evolution Engineers Supercharged Organisms To Break Down Plastic Waste

Protein Evolution, Inc. Unveils New Technology that Infinitely Recycles Textile and Plastic Waste

Protein Evolution Inc. unveils plastic and textile recycling technology

Protein Evolution Recycles Plastics Quickly — “1 Million Years Of Evolution In 1 Day”

Can This New Enzyme Tech Recycle Away Plastic, Textile Waste?

Startup 'turns textile waste into resource'

Startup 'turns textile waste into resource'

US startup Protein Evolution lands US$20M to scale-up enzymatic plastic recycling

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